The largest AI Community in Eastern Europe and CIS (5 000+ of active members)

AI Products Development and Implementation (Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Computer Vision, NLP).
AI Lab

AI Today ecosystem comprises
AI Community, AI Lab and AI Academy
Corporate trainings and workshops
Business process automation
and chatbot development
AI Academy
AI Augmented Workplace
AI Community – is more than 5000 of data scientists, engineers, enterpreneurs and specialists with interest in AI technologies and their applications
It is the vehicle that drives our capabilities by providing leads, teams, solutions, funding and ideas
50+ teams and start-ups
Teams and start-ups with unique technological solutions
1000+ of talented IT specialists
The largest AI community in CIS and Eastern Europe
200+ of industry experts
The majority of the experts are employed with the top digital companies
20+ in-house development team
Inhouse development team that has 30+ projects succesful track record
At AI Academy we invite the best industry experts to share their skills and knowledge

Our track record for the last year is 20 meet-ups and workshops, 7 expert sessions, 5 hakatons and 3 conferences
Tilda Publishing
At AI Lab we meet business needs with AI solutions
We have developed the most popular Russian chat-bots
We use our own wobot-methodology for chat-bots development. We have 25+ cases with Russian and International brands.
Behind the vision
Experts with distinct skills and experience at your service
Pavel Doronin, PhD
CEO, founder of AI community
Natalia Startseva, MBA
COO, 9+ years IT program management